Sometimes one approach is just not enough

Every student wants to learn, and every teacher wants students to succeed. However, helping students navigate through their individual learning goals can be challenging, particularly when students encounter obstacles and need more help to understand different concepts.

This is where Learning Bird shines. Our solution includes engaging digital content that can help students navigate around obstacles by viewing lessons that offer another approach on the same topic.

Learning Bird has a library that includes thousands of engaging digital lessons covering all subject areas for grades 6-12, all aligned to your local curriculum and vetted by real teachers. We combine this with adaptive algorithms that recommend lessons based on what’s worked in the past for a student, and with tools that allow your teachers to easily deploy, manage and scale differentiated learning in their classrooms.

What makes Learning Bird Unique?

Trusted & vetted content
Great content is the heart of Learning Bird. We source quality lessons that are then reviewed and vetted by real teachers. We ensure that all lessons are safe for the classroom and are aligned to your local curriculum. We also align to the course materials that a teacher is using for even better integration to what a student is learning.
Lessons with multiple approaches
Students learn in different ways, and teachers teach in different ways too. That's why Learning Bird collects many lessons with mutliple approaches for any given topic. If one teacher's approach doesn't resonate, we'll show lessons from different teachers or different approaches until they do understand. We firmly believe that it is not a matter of whether a student will understand, but simply a matter of when.
Aligned to your local curriculum
Learning is great, but ensuring that your students are focusing on what they really need to know is awesome. Our lessons are aligned to your local curriculum, so you can be confident in knowing that students are always working toward their learning goals.
Adds value to other solutions
Learning Bird fits into your teachers’ tool kits, and even adds value to other investments. We can integrate with student information systems, learning management platforms, as well as with textbooks and other course materials. And we provide the trusted content for your teachers to fully leverage mobile devices, laptops and more.
Guided implementations
Choosing a great technology is only part of the solution. The real value comes from a well-planned and well-executed implementation. We believe in working with the schools we serve to help set-up our teachers for success. We offer customized implementation plans to integrate Learning Bird with your environment, team and tools. We also offer continued support and optional PD to help your teachers get the most out of your implementation.
A focus on results
We understand how important it is that teachers and administrators can track student outcomes and successes, so we provide reporting at the class, teacher, school, and district level. This allows administrators to clearly see how students are performing, and provides educators and administrators with the opportunity to link data to student progress.

We complete the
teaching workflow

We are not just about providing great content. With Learning Bird, teachers can easily find vetted and aligned content, assign lessons to students, use quizzes to check for understanding, and view results in real-time. This not only saves teachers time, it allows them to identify areas for improvement, and enables a faster response to intervention.
Learning Bird Workflow

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