Indigenous Digital

Education Initiative

What is the Initiative?

This initiative creates opportunities for 21st century learning and development in Indigenous schools and communities. It integrates innovative technologies that connect schools with digital resources, presents tailored professional development for teachers, and supports collaboration in the creation of Indigenous content resources. These resources are culturally based, and academically anchored to lead students to success.

This initiative focuses on professional development and digital resources, meets the curriculum standards of your province, and integrates current documentation of history and community beliefs. We will embrace and celebrate Indigenous diversity and share traditions and stories.

What is Learning Bird?

Learning Bird is a learning platform that offers engaging digital content, created by different educators and delivered in different ways. This helps encourage student understanding and allows students to learn in their own ways. Learning Bird is supported by a team of educational professionals that collaborates with schools to create professional development and learning solutions that help address individual school needs.

We are on a journey to bring diverse learning content via digital education to schools across Canada. We believe that:

People Learn Differently
It is our mission to develop content from different perspectives to be able to reach all children.
Culture is Important
It is crucial to keep young people connected to their traditions and to understand the experiences and stories of other people.

We are working with communities to build content that supports their learning goals, complements their curriculum, and reflects their language and culture. Together we are building content that will engage students and improve learning by sharing stories and addressing core learning concepts through culturally relevant perspectives.

Here are some examples of content that we’ve created in collaboration with communities across Canada. This content was designed for grade 11 and 12 students.

Ideas and Lessons in Oral Stories
Author and Setting in “Good for Nothing”
Integrating Indigenous Content to Strengthen Literacy and Numeracy Skills
Watch our recorded webinar

Is your community impacted by low literacy and numeracy rates? Join us for an online presentation to learn about our new Indigenous Digital Education program that can help you address literacy and numeracy rates in your schools and build 21st Century skills with your students.

Let’s work together

We want to work with you to bring this initiative into your schools and communities next year and provide technological and pedagogical support to your schools, teachers and students.

Book a short meeting to learn more and discuss how we can work together to benefit your school or community.

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