Culturally relevant educational content

for Canadian schools

Learning Bird works with Indigenous schools and communities across Canada to create culturally relevant educational content that benefits all students.

We work with schools from coast-to-coast to collaboratively create content that reflects each community’s unique culture, history, and language. We couple this content with teacher coaching and support on how to integrate these resources within their classrooms.

Why Learning Bird?

Learning Bird is committed to supporting reconciliation and decolonizing educational content. We work in collaboration with First Nations to help preserve language and culture, and integrate indigenous perspectives into classroom resources. Our team of teachers works alongside your school to help identify needs, and create outlines and scripts for curriculum-aligned educational resources. Content is produced in our in-house studio and made available on our platform for easy access by teachers.

Culturally relevant classroom content
Content for English, math, science and social studies that integrates Indigenous perspectives.
A collaborative creation model
We work together with your team to ensure all content meets your needs and reflects your history, language, and culture.
Support for schools with limited Internet
We have both a cloud-based and server-based product, which means you can access digital content even if you have limited connectivity.
Teacher training and PD
We provide in-community training for all participating teachers, and can offer workshops and sessions on a variety of technology and pedagogy related topics.
Ongoing support throughout the year
Each client works with a dedicated on-staff teacher who can help recommend lessons, provide class ideas and offer day-to-day support.

Content Samples

Below are some examples of content that were created in collaboration with communities across Canada.

The Role of Elders in Schools

For grades 6-8
Created in collaboration with Treaty Six Education Council

Four Dimensions of Well-Being

For grades 9-12
Created in collaboration with Seven Generations Education Institute

Let’s work together

We want to work with your school. If you are interested in discussing how we can support you and your teachers, please call or send us an email.

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