Why Teachers Love Learning Bird

We offer:
High-quality, vetted content
All of our content is designed to be highly engaging and is created by content experts and vetted by our in-house team of real teachers, so you can trust it.
Multiple approaches
We support all core subject areas, deliver content from multiple approaches and have several lessons on every topic to help students find their best learning path.
Onsite teacher training
We'll come onsite to your school to do an interactive training session. Then we'll help you onboard your students and support you through the implementation process. We also offer optional professional development to help you be successful in your classroom.
Support for your tech
We will help add value to your existing in class technology. We can provide great content to enhance the use of in-class laptops, tablets, Chromebooks and interactive whiteboards.
Lesson Assignment
You can assign specific lessons or playlists to one or many students and see whether they have found the lessons helpful. A free account gives you access for up to five students.
Ongoing teacher support
We provide teachers with ongoing support via email, phone, and live chat. We can help you find content that maps to your lesson plans and provide guidance on how to structure in-class learning around our resources.

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