Why Administrators Love Learning Bird

We add value to existing tech
We are complementary to investments that you're making in laptops, tablets, Chromebooks and interactive whiteboards.
We empower teachers
We provide vetted, school safe content for easy in-class sharing. And we make differentiated learning easy and scalable so teachers have the tools to support each individual student.
We support low internet schools
We provide support for streaming media content to schools with bandwidth limitations. If your school is remote, or your connection is poor, your teachers can still use digital media to support instruction.
We offer onsite training and PD
We offer personalized onsite product training to your teachers, along with specialized admin training. We also provide PD webinars and workshops.
We offer different approaches
We offer lessons that reflect multiple approaches on a topic, helping teachers to personalize the learning experience for every student.
We provide ongoing support
We provide teachers and administrators with a dedicated account lead that you can access via email, phone and even live chat.

Discover the impact of personalized learning:

Empower your school & drive student success.

We want to help you, help your teachers!

Our professional development services include:
  • Webinars for administrators, educators & librarians
  • Engaging PD workshops delivered online or on-site, customized to your needs
  • Online support center with how to's, lesson plans and on-demand webinars