Why Administrators Love Learning Bird

We integrate with existing tools
We are complementary to learning management systems (LMSs), student information systems (SIS), and single sign-on technologies (SSO).
We empower teachers
We make differentiated learning easy and scalable so teachers have the tools to support each individual student.
We share performance reports
We provide teachers, administrators, and parents with actionable data to monitor and intervene for improved student performance.
We implement with care
We offer personalized implementation services and on-going support for teachers and staff including PD webinars and workshops.
We offer different approaches
We provide lessons with multiple approaches on each topic, helping teachers to personalize the learning experience for every student.
We maximize your investments
We provide engaging digital lessons that complement your existing investments and course materials.

Discover the impact of personalized learning:

Empower your school & drive student success.

We want to help you, help your teachers!

Our professional development services include:
  • Regular webinars with guest experts for administrators, educators & librarians
  • Engaging PD workshops delivered online or on-site, customized to your needs
  • Online support center with how to's, lesson plans and a webinar archive